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Meet Our Members
Membership Stories

Here at Raintree Vacation ClubTM, we feel a special sense of pride when our Members tell us how much they enjoy their vacations with us.

Our goal is to provide Members with the most enjoyable vacations around, and we know we're doing our job when they offer us testimonials. They've traveled from Hawaii to Canada to Mexico and weighed in on their experiences. We want to share their reviews with you:

Glen and Nancy  Clancy interview video image
Dora and Eugene Calhoun Interview video image
Ronald Miculka interview video image
Glen and Norma Clancy
British Columbia, Canada
Dora and Eugene Calhoun
California, United States
Ronald Miculka
California, United States
Joann and Robert Pickholtz interview video image
Sonia and Herbert Bethge interview video image
Rosemary and Bill Kenz interview video image
Joann and Robert Pickholtz
Connecticut, United States
Sonia and Herbert Bethge
California, United States
Rosemary and Bill Krenz
Pennsylvania, United States
Barbara and Ian Rosenthal interview video image
Joyce and Ron Redmon interview video image
Janet and John Savarro interview video image
Barbara and Ian Rosenthal
Ohio, United States
Joyce and Ron Redmon
California, United States
Janet and John Savarro
Oregon, United States

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